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My name is Galih Nugroho. I was born in Jakarta on 17th August 1987. I am alumni 42th generation of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University. In 2009, I was working as executive R&D in PT. Nutrifood Indonesia. In 2010-2012, I was working as Logistic Associate Manager and in the same time, also as R&D service and Laboratory Associate Manager in the same company. Now, I am studying at National Pingtung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. I am pursuing my master degree in Dept. Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation, my specialty in food biotechnology. Otherwise, I am also member of Instute of Food Technologist (IFT) and PATPI (Persatuan Ahli Teknologi Pangan Indonesia). Since 1st grade in university, I have been joining for many activities in campus. I join IAAS, International Association of Student in Agricultural and Related Sciences as a member in the beginning. And in the end, I could reach position as a vice national director of partnership and became one of seven representatives of IAAS Indonesia in world congress in Germany-Switzerland to present a paper “An Examination of Antioxidant Capacity of Polar Extract, Nonpolar Protein and Nonprotein Fraction of Hyacinth Bean (Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet) Seeds”. I also join professional association of student in food science and technology (himitepa) as a president. In himitepa I have many activities. Some of them are training HACCP and ISO2200, training in halal system for food industry, and counseling for food safety to elementary student as well as food producer. In the other hand, I have got several achievements. Some of them are 1st national winner of student project proposal Meat Livestock Australia in 2007, 1st runner up of National Scientific Paper Competition in Agriculture in 2008 with the paper title “The Importance of Alternative Food Product Based on Sorghum to Face Global Warming Effects in Indonesia”, and chosen three times in 2006, 2008 and 2009, as a presenter in National Scientific Week of University Student (pimnas) held by Ministry of National Education with the title project “An Application of Edible Film as Biodegradable Package in Instant Seasoning for Noodle”,  “High Protein Bread as Functional Food from Tofu Waste”, and “micro-encapsulation technique to maintain antioxidant capacity in instant Roselle tea”. I also got chances to present my paper “Role of Students in Sustaining Food Safety in Campus: a Case Study in “Food Sellers Mentoring” Program in Bogor, Indonesia” in International Seminar on Food Crisis – Jakarta-Indonesia, 5th Asian Food Conference – Cebu-Philippines, and International Agricultural Student Symposium – Malaysia. Last but not least, me and team won as a second runner up from 16 teams from all over the world in international food technology competition by iftsa-ift at anaheim,  California, USA on June 2009. the topic was “healthy instant noodle form corn with high protein and rich iron for pregnant women to prevent lost generation in south east Asia”.

please visit : http://www.linkedin.com/pub/galih-nugroho/27/252/410


45 thoughts on “About

  1. galihhh… kabarku baik, mudah2an galih juga
    actually, it’s ‘mancanagara’ not ‘mancanegara’, hehe
    gue link balik ya blog nya..
    sukses terus buat galih!!

  2. assalamualiakum…
    pertama kali buka blog ka galih dikira tentang pangan aja ka……cuma setelah ditelaah (hehe) ehemn….banyak cerita yang memotivasi ka…sukses ya….-_^

  3. kak, postingan di blog ini.. disertain foto2 juga duuunggg.,
    ceritanya keren2, dan tambah keren lg klo dibanjirin bejibun foto2 yg terkait gituu.. okeh ^_^

    terget Master n Doktor nya di amrik aja 🙂

    • ya dian.. emang hebat mas fikri itu… beliau anak ppsdms juga 🙂 satu angkatan sama aku..
      kontak langsung via wordpress nya dia ya… dian..

    • yup 🙂
      yuu.. kapan-kapan diskusi.. sapa tau ada yang bisa kita sinergikan 🙂
      ohya aku ijin link blog kamu ya 🙂


  4. Assalamualaikum ,,,hmmmm,,hbt kak,,,trz smngat y,,,,masa Depan yg cerah pzti menanti,,,jgn lp ntr klo dh bneran jd org sukses,,,,ttp rendah hti,,,dan dermawan utk org” yg tk mampu,,,
    Salut m kakak,,,,smga kakak sukses,,,,:-)
    ,,mga generasi Indonesia jg bisa smngat dn mmpunyai cita” yg tinggi,,,spt kakak,,,
    Slm smngat,,,,!!!
    Gunakanlah kesempatan mu dg sebaik baiknya,,,krna tdk semua org memiliki kesempatan yg sama spti mu,,,,:-)
    Mf klo bnyk kata,

  5. Hello, kak. Do you have any e-mail address that I could contact? I have a huge interest in food technology and I would like to know more from your perspective. Thank you 🙂

  6. Selamat pagi pak…
    Salam kenal dari saya intan saya mau tanya2 kalo saya ke ipb untuk bertanya tentang pengolahan makanan kira2 bisa g ya pak..saya basicnya bukan dari itp tapi saya hanya ingin belajar cara pembuatan tepung dari udang dan cumi…terimakasih pak jawabannya…atau saya bisa sharing sama bapak cara pembuatannya..terimakasih pak..

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