Places in Taiwan I Will Miss After Returning to My Country

Hopefully you can as enjoy as I am 🙂

1. NPUST campus

As one of the biggest campus in Taiwan and surrounded by beautiful scenery, I really love study here. On the other hand, I love photography, especially for landscape photography. Therefore, NPUST is one of the heavens for taking so many landscape pictures. When I bored, I just can go outside the dorm or even go to the top of dorm, and taking some pictures, just as easy as like that. Even our campus is quite far from city, but that is one of the benefits. I can save my money and more focus to study.

2. MRT station Kaohsiung and Taipei

I think I am also going to miss this place. This place can remind me how good public transportation in Taiwan. We can reach place easily in minutes. Even in the crowded time, I still can enjoy the MRT. Hopefully, Jakarta, my capitol city where I live, will also have this one very soon.

3. Taroko National Park

This place was amazing. I still remember going through the channel, bridge, and tunnel in this place. Rocky Mountain and beautiful scenery plus fresh air are the perfect combination of this place. The cliff and George is really beautiful. One of must visited place in Taiwan.

4. Love river at night

“Romantic”, that is the most suitable word to describe love river in the night. The beauty of city lights and stars in the sky, riding electric boat trough Love River is even better. Furthermore, it will be much better if there is a festival here. I can see spectacular fireworks. Many festivals occur in this place. Some of them are lantern festival and dragon boat festival.

5. EDA world in New Year eve

This huge place is claimed as one of the biggest and longest fireworks in Taiwan. Thousands of people gathered in EDA world to celebrate New Year eve. Before fireworks start, there will be a music concert broadcast live to Taiwan television. The fireworks occur for more than 10 minutes nonstop and come from all direction. This firework is one of the best fireworks I have ever seen in my life. Cool!

6. Maokong gondola Taipei

This is also one of must visited venue if you are in Taiwan. Even better if you ride the clear glass gondola and do it evening just before sunset. It is really beautiful. This gondola is stretching for over 4,000 meters, with the height for over 275 meters. One of the best part after that is you can sipping Taiwan tea and looking trough the beauty of Taipei city from the maokong mountain.

7. Fo Guang Shan temple

This place is the biggest monastery for Buddha in Taiwan. Fo Guang Shan temple is the center of education for Buddhism. This place is so big and very beautiful. The complex consists of the place for pray, temple, university, school, museum, theater and others function. I have ever met some Indonesian students in here also. One of the most interesting is in the certain day; we can get free foods (just pay voluntary) for all vegetarian buffets in temple restaurant. One of the best moments is, when Chinese new year, there will be fireworks in the big Buddha. It is really beautiful. Reaching this place is not far away from our campus. We need only 1.5 hour by scooter.

8. Miaoli Fly Cow Ranch

This place is one stop shop for enjoying nature, learn, and shopping agriculture products. Miaoli Fly Cow Ranch is really nice, both the concept and its environment. This place is huge; it is more than 120 ha. There are so many activities that we can do here. From just sightseeing, learn about agriculture and environment, do it yourself activity (making ice cream, cookies, and other activities).


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