Food is a crucial aspect of our life and has strong relationship with sanitation, raw material, and process of producer and consumer. Every year, the number of what outbreak in Indonesia increases in a very big number. The victim range is varying from children to adult. The last report from mass media (Jawa Pos daily newspaper, May 11, 2008) was in Mojokerto. There were 49 children having stomachache after consuming milk in school. In another place, four people in one family died after consuming sachet drinks in Lampung (Republika daily newspaper, May 4, 2008). From all of the data, most of the cases involved children, but more specific, student at school. Those outbreaks were affected by several factors. Some of them are bad sanitation, food with low quality, improper use of food additives, as well as misunderstanding about food safety and quality.

As a child who has not has strong endurance, eating when they are in school is very crucial. Because it is the time they can choose food freely without parental advisory. So, it is very important that they have knowledge of what they have to buy and consume. They also have to know that wash hands before contact with food is important too. Furthermore, after they consume food, they have to know what they can do for the food waste or food packaging.

As a student in university, I realize that I have responsibility to educate children around me and give them explanation about these things. I have learned from lectures and become aware, now I have to spread the same awareness about what we eat and what we should do after that to make our environment keep clean. In this project, I want to focus enhancing awareness in level of consumer (process before-after we consume food). First, we have to know which food is good or not for our health. After that, we have to maintain sanitation of food by keeping in its package or having contact with food. We also have to assure that we have washed our hand before having contact with food.

It’s very important to make a movement to enhance food safety in our children. We can use a game simulation and some pictures/drawings to show that it’s very important to choose a good food for consumption. It’s also important to build a wash hand facility to minimize risk of contamination. Teach them to make some kind of handicraft using food package.

This project’s segmentation is children in 1st grade until 6th grade in elementary school. The age range is 8 years old until 14 years old. Why am I choosing children in elementary school? Because it is easier to educate younger student than an older one. Since young age we have to educate that there must be a choice for better and healthier food. It’s also a good habit if you wash your hand before every contact with food. By encouraging this awareness, I hope that society and more specific to children/student will care about himself and his surroundings. Because, first, they have to know and understand about “which food is good for health or not”. Second, they will care about their surrounding because, when they have realized and believed, they will start giving advice to their family and their friends at home about it. Third, by washing their hand before having contact with food, they will be aware with water sanitation in their surroundings.

This project will run minimum once a year in June at three schools for first, and increasing by time until one day, every school in my city have this project. The cost to run this event is moderately cheap. We just need some simple equipments to do the game simulation, some pictures to make a comparison and show illustration, and we need no more than 500.000 rupiahs money to build simple water sanitary like wash basin in each school if needed. Beside that, we can also educate children not to dump any food waste or packaging because it will have a bad effect our environment and water sanitation. They can learn something and make handicraft from waste or food package. So they can realize that it’s very important to choose and consume healthy food and keep their surroundings clean because those things have strong relationship with sanitation.

It’s better if this project run as a routine in selected school to educate children. So that they will always remember “what they have and should do?”. We can also put a big poster or sticker in their school about a campaign to wash their hand and to buy healthy food. In addition, we also have to introduce student with alternative healthy food. In the same time, when they consume our alternative food, we deliver fun lessons about food safety and quality. In the end, we give a simple questionnaire to give us feed back as the evaluation for the next training. We will ask teacher to help monitor effectiveness this project for the child.

Moreover, we need some support to hold this event. We can organize this with support of BADAN POM as trainer, giving posters, food safety comic for school library, and many more. We also have a good management with the school organization to maintain facility and monitor their student so that follow up of this project will run effectively and student association of food science and technology in IPB will act as voluntary trainer in selected school.

The outputs of this project are at least, student will care about their health, know, and understand which food is good or not. There is also at least one hand washing facility like wash basin. Then, they can exhibit their handicraft from food waste and food package. Hereby, I propose this project; therefore I can contribute something for my environment. Thank you.


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